Get Another Life (UTUA)

The main objective of the UTUA project is to improve employability of unemployed and/or unprivileged people. Challenging situations in labor markets such as long-term, structural unemployment and career turning points or outdated competences are hardships which need to be addressed in a new and fresh way.

The current tools and methods seem to focus more on short term next steps e.g. supporting change over education to internship. What is needed are new solutions and inspiration to guidance practices and tools for helping individuals to find new ideas and directions for their careers.

Get another life (UTUA) project focuses on developing future oriented guidance model, tools and services to use in coaching programs in educational institutions or in other organizations, such as employment agencies. The new guidance model promotes future orientation, self-reliance as well as creative and open-minded attitude towards the future.

The project will provide new information on future work, and labor markets in order to offer innovative ways to find employment or other meaningful activities.

The project tasks are:

– To create a futures guidance model and related work simulation tool for helping unemployed and/or unprivileged people to find employment and improve their situation in labor market.

– To develop and redesign the service chains and communication processes serving unemployed/unprivileged people in educational institutions.

– To provide examples of new job opportunities and future work modes.

– To educate guidance personnel and other practitioners in applying futures guidance methods and tools.

The project outcomes are new working methods and future work simulation tool to use in guidance practices. The impacts of the project can be seen in people’s ability to guide their own life and think creatively their future life as well as careers. The project will also contribute to service and communication processes in institutions and service agencies. Futures thinking competences such as ability to see alternative ways to employment will shape actions of both people in challenging positions in labor market and guidance personnel working with them. The long lasting impacts of the project will be based on increased futures awareness in multi-disciplinary co-operation network working with employability issues.

The project focuses to the Satakunta region (Pori, Rauma and Ulvila and other municipalities and employment service units locations in Satakunta). The project is carried in co-operation with WinNova Länsirannikon Koulutus Ltd.

UTUA is a national project co-ordinated by the Finland Futures Research Centre. It is funded by the European Social Fund during 1.3.2015–31.12.2017.

Further information:

Leena Jokinen, Project Leader, leena.jokinen(at)
Kati Vuorisalo, Teacher, kati.vuorisalo(at)